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Room somewhere out there looking for concert tickets click escape game. The long-awaited day of the concert to be greeted with a smile to find tickets. Tip number of the paper is written in it.


Have a shelf screen
The second shelf from the right of the second orange candles dude →
The bottom shelf of books on the sky blue? → knob

A screen door
click around to the door under the number 7 (green)
T-shirts and back-office take on a cat → JARASHI (just above the line around.)

The cat is the screen
JARASHI choose a cat, under the refrigerator on a piece of paper →
→ beer open the refrigerator door, the figure 3 (blue)
Sink alongside the left side of the glass →
→ chocolates cat food under the sink
Water and then select a glass of water out of the water汲む
That yellow bowl with a Cart
Select cat food, blue instrument Cart
Click on the cat and the cat food I'm going to
The bottom drawer of chocolates to the toilet shovel →
Choose a shovel and toilet, toilet (the right) to the golden key →
The light blue at the bottom of a shelf of books to find something to pull the knob on the second to give the writers open a drawer →
Choose candles (up) and lighter on fire
From under the refrigerator got to choose paper (up) to select candles, paper → on the number 5 (purple)

Screen in bed
Curtain on the number 4 (orange)
PC - which is under a cushion of two numbers (blue)
Click on the bed mattress → makeup bag
Makeup bag to number eight from the (yellow)
→ drivers under the bed

Have a shelf screen
Select the driver, on the top shelf, the black dude on the key →
Get a cat toilet from the golden key to select the dresser drawer to manicure →
Next door to a light switch, and then have the shelf to see the screen at the foot of Dresser → Fracci

The cat is the screen
From the shelves of the first to find the key to open the top drawer
Completion of the puzzle and the password is "238 ZLM70" out

Screen in bed
Puzzle out the password to enter the PC
At the bottom of the "private thoughts" to see "a life of seven tongue!" Come out

The second shelf in the middle of a safe password
The order of the numbers on the order of a bookcase.
PC, "a life of seven tongue!" And so we, each one of the figure to enter the numbers
(The paper is not red, and red numbers of the clock because "3".)
The figures came from and arrange the order of "3487235".
Each one has a password, so the numbers "2376124" → from the concert tickets.
Click on a door to escape
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