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Locked Forever 6

Locked Forever 6
Key search escape game Locked Forever series came up. Ten keys are collected this time and I will escape.

GET key on the dressing table →
GET coat hanger on the driver →
GET jacket pocket key →

Sofa Perspective
GET floor of the lower left key →
GET key stage 4 shelf →
GET shelf in a black box
Sofa cushions at the left turn over the keys GET →

Picture of the chair's perspective on key → GET
→ key drivers to use the painting GET
On the floor (right front side) → yellow key GET

The three black boxes Panel (the order did not know a little bit) → key GET

GET pan
GET key blue pot under →
Water into the pan

Turn your lamp
Lamp on a pot of hot water to put GET →

The blue key to open the drawer dressing table by using the red key → GET
The key is to use red light on the key → open a drawer units, the green box GET

Yellow-green box with a key to use the key → GET

The blue open the door
Use hot water and block numbers of doing (# 5913840)

Balcony next to enter a number of input device
To go out

In front of the pool and then click
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