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Escapers #02

Escapers #02
It is the second series of a simple secret room escape game. Difficulties are somewhat easier than the former works though it went up.


Click on the picture on the wall and get out of the picture emerging Safe

Sofa cushions (left) GET metal pipe under →
Right next to a sofa? And then have raised the bottom of (6 xxx)

GET on the first shelf → AROMADIFYUZA
→ AROMADIFYUZA examine the core like GET
On the top shelf on the right (x8xx)

Safe from the perspective of the lower left to the safe
Metal pipes, there is something to take the gold panel GET →
Panel to examine Gold (xx52)
And connect all the numbers 6852

Safe to enter numbers (6852) → GET remote control

Using the remote control to the window and pop-up windows
To move out

Pots from stone GET
Plants suited to the point of view on the stone throwing

Jacuzzi move right from the standpoint of perspective
The wall behind the screen it on the floor below, there is something broken stone → click GET

Moving in the room
Shelf in a box of broken stone, metal parts used → GET
Metal parts of the core portion of the hole like a combination

Jacuzzi water faucet on the back portion of the pan
Because a small hole in a metal parts
Water comes out of a turn and cook
GET Jacuzzi in key →

Door with a key escape
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