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It is an escape game from the room where the owl exists. Moving cannot be first taken and an owl that seems to be painful is helped.

Owl's cage is placed at the bottom of a drawer shelf open
GET tweezers big thing off paper

Perspective on the sofa
→ on the sofa stuffed Owl GET
MIMIZUKU eagle stuffed animal to use
MIMIZUKU foot eagle on
EAGLE OWL numbers (Random)
Trash on the sofa to the left of the Owl feathers GET →

Posters from the point of view
Posters on the left, right-click key GET brown →
Owls on foot
URAL OWL numbers (Random)
Owl and the right to use the wings to move
GET on board the Owl bar

→ room key to open the refrigerator GET
Refrigerator and a wall between the left side, there is something to take a stick → GET Tupper
Tupper and a jump in meat because the meat → pinch-pin set of GET

Bookshelf under the stage, green and hooting of a book written by a large
Bookcase on the stage, stuffed Owl to have a real Owl
Owl to give the meat
A pair of
BARN OWL numbers (Random)

Large shelf
The bottom tier, on the left side to drug-sensitive adhesive tape GET →
Under the open door in the middle
Click on the left and behind the cardboard pan GET →
Tape cardboard to use, assemble
A large cardboard on the top shelf and use the pan
Because the owl is on foot
SCREECH OWL numbers (Random)

Cage is on the shelf
Withdrawal of a key stage in a brown eyes open
Enter number input device
The four numbers in order to enter the street

Screech Owl
Barn Owl
Ural Owl
Eagle Owl
The order entered
GET key

The keys to the cage using keyhole
Snowy owl is to go out

The key to open the door to escape

* We need to help to escape the snowy owl is a little different ending.
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