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The Legend Room

The Legend Room
Coffee cans of "Boss" to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the release of the game made escape. Tips received mobile phone messages, coffee-related items lined escape from the room. Load time is a little longer regrettable.

Click on the map on the table map GET →
GET → shovels on the chair

GET magnifying glass bookcase →

Right-shelf fireplace black light GET →

Bags of coffee beans to use shovels magnet GET →

Using a magnifying glass globe (path LEGEND)

PC grind the beans before the guy? Click on DOKASU
PC is turned on the path to (LEGEND)
memo.txt read (looking jacket)

Cover the wall to fall on the map debris GET →
And a fragment of a map combining map

Map perspective on the desk to fit a frame

Stands to use black light
The room lights off
Map at the click of bright yarn GET →
Turn on a light

The combination of yarn and magnet

Earth on the shelf behind the key (the earth at the back of the wall to the point of view it)
GET key magnet to use yarn →

Key to open the door to escape
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