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DooDoo Room 3

DooDoo Room 3
Room escape game from DooDoo.Ru.
Time is not limited.

The volume is large.


Turn off the electric light bulb GET

GET key to the yellow Spider →


Bottle fragments GET

GET plant species from the window

The yellow key to open the chest clip GET →

Species into a crack in the floor
Bar-end cracks to use some white → GET

One bottle of white fragments from the sidelines GET

A stuffed bear's neck from key blue GET

Chest to further open key blue and green beads → adhesive GET

BAR fish bowl, break out the red key → GET

Goldfish using an adhesive back to the original state
Cart fish bowl with a green jade-green number 8 GET →

White grew up in what used to plant species GET →

I took the black box bears move to bar
Bear in a safe place before
BAR using a black box stuffed shifted toward
Bar-bashing and detonate a stuffed animal from the safe → bottle fragments, erasers GET

Bottle fragments of three units placed in a white, using an adhesive, a red bulb to use numbers → 4 GET
(To use a light bulb was missing. M's thank you)

Spider-side door to use the seeds → blue number 3 GET
Spider → crowbar to use yellow number 9 (6 looks like she's going to reverse 9) GET

Basketball used to glue
4 times on the basketball floor and a hole in a → yellow, blue, red, green

Bur the picture down
I changed the color of an eraser to rub one → four times in the path of input device

Enter the path (9348)
Clear key (it glow red) → click GET knife

→ clip knife and a combination of acupuncture GET.

Use wire to the door


Spider-side at the door pounding out the numbers comes out of the blue, and how much input the password Unable to retrieve the knife.
But Spider is a green fruit with him this time, the Spider is生き返りました.
, To get out safely.
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