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The BONTE room

The BONTE room
You find yourself dropped in a strange room,
but are you smart enough to get out?'

How to play this game: Find and combine items you find to open the door and escape the room...

The advertisement is displayed while loading it.

3 degrees and then down the left-leaning state in the lower part of the yellow color to obtain the memo →
"The light is flashing when the drink, drink"

Under the sofa
There are subtle rod to obtain network →

The black and white dog and the dog to switch the location to clear
A clear and the bottom will come up with ideas
"A one to one square game"
This "one tow one square game" and read.
"121 square game"
In other words… the square and square x (hangings).
The answer is, so do I calculate 121 x121
Safe red
Answer number of games on his old key to obtain input →

Vending machine
Vending machine at the foot of the far left → obtain tube

The tube is used to sink and block the drain
貯めるwater to sink

With a net scooping goldfish, the sink water to Cart

Vending machine
Note reference to the amount taken from press
Button light is also looking for a lasting button
Another is the first find of it… all lit up
To count on
5Powerdrink → 2 diet coke → 4 beer → 7 water → 6 juice → 1 coke → 3 lemonade
All light a lamp in the right order and beverage available

Beverage cart to a fish bowl
Cart key to the old fish bowl will clean up the key →
Beautiful than take out the key
Beautiful than using a key to open the door to escape

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