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Escape the Tower

Escape the Tower
Escape the Tower is an ordinary point and click room escape game. You need to collect some things and to use them in right places. If you got all the nessesery things, you can escape.

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GET battery from the Trash

The desk next to a wall socket

Between the walls and bookshelves from the right rod GET
The silver metal fittings from behind bookshelves GET

GET remote control from under the pillow
GET honey from under the bed

Bookshelves stuffed bear to use honey GET key →

Next door in the top drawer of a key to open → CD GET

Turn on your PC into a CD
You get hints (0045 side-hatch)

On the cork board on TO DO LIST
There ATEHAMERU number (0504,5400, there may be others)
GET key

The door open a drawer second stage driver and battery GET →

Two batteries into the remote control

TV behind the green light
Using the remote control to turn on the TV screen and characters 9 ZOMB1

Open a box with a stick
The path to (see TV characters)
GET pistol and ammunition

Driver television outlet on the screws out key → GET
The three-stage withdrawal next door to nothing without drilled →

Vents at the back of the right to examine the bookshelf, so the machine can come out of this order to refer to the color input
(Green, red, green, green, light blue, green, purple, green, blue, green and yellow)
GET key

The key to a jump rope bookshelves GET →

Hole in the desk next to a silver metal fittings on a rope MUSUBU

Opened the door to escape
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