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Locked Office

Locked Office
You are locked in an office at work and you need to find a way to escape! Use your logic to escape from this impossibly hard PNC game.

The advertisement is displayed while loading it.

Perspective view of the door]
Minutes approached the door at the top of the key to obtain

On the shelf visible point of view]
Open shelves in the middle
Get → CD

Trash see the point of view]
Trash from inside an empty bottle of ink to obtain

[PC see the point of view]
Desk chairs to enter the part覗く
→ switch, because there are pressing
Left behind a desk to obtain the pure white paper
Right-back to examine the PC, get a pen
A set of paper into the printer
Empty bottles of ink printer ink pen into the hole to put
Start the PC, CD into
→ "Tetris" is visible
PC-to once again approach the離れたら
PC, PASSWORD "tetris" and enter
→ printer can be used to be, PRINT button
Printer printed on the paper to obtain

On the door looking perspective]
Approached the door knob, SCAN part of a hand print in the paper

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